Photos taken with Canon EF 10-22 mm

Keene stateTrailFence

St. Anthony's festival - Boston

Taken with a Canon 40 mm pancake lens on a T3 Rebel

Lowell Mill Museum

Christine Mickie and meDress 11
A day at the Lowell mill museum. They had a special showing of wedding dresses today.

Clint and I

Clint and I copyClint and I edit copy

Singing in the Rain


I went to see "Singing in the Rain" at the Nashua High school with my parents. It was a spectacular show and the cast was great. I really loved the tap numbers.

Clint and I skiing at Crotched Mountain after the big storm

It was a beautiful day and the two of us had a wonderful time skiing. I didn't get to go last year so it was great to be back on the slopes again. Like riding a bike, it only took a couple runs and I was back feeling confident. I remember going as a kid, and for five dollars, you could ski and still have money for hot chocolate. Back then, we waxed the bottom of our skis with different colored waxes depending on the conditions, our boots laced, and there was a strap that attached your boot to your ski. Wow! Now I'm dating myself.
Clint and I 2

Pompeii exhibit in Boston

Today, I went with friends to the Pompeii exhibit in Boston. The year was 79 AD and I learned that the people didn't all die at once but rather once the volcano started erupting, it took about 19 hours for it to completely bury the city and kill all of its habitants. Some of the pictures below are of frescos that were found at the site during the excavation.
2 people buried togetherFresco from Pompeii 79 ADFresco 2 from Pompeii 79 ADFresco 3 from Pompeii 79 ADFresco 6 Pompeii 79 ADFresco 7 Pompeii 79 ADA bitter endMan in Pompeii

Weekend in Ogunquit

Bob Zinnes invited me to Ogunquit this weekend to see Miss Saigon. Bob and I are both family physicians and we've known each other almost 20 years now. The production was so moving. This was a war that never should have happened. I was actually in basic training at Lackland Air Force base when Phnom Phen fell. I was only 18 years old and I enlisted while I was still in High school. So crazy! You think you're immortal at that age.

Miss Saigon r

This is where Bob and I stayed overnight.

Ogunquit Bed and Breakfastr

And this is the two of us shopping.

Bob Zinnes and Ir

When it got dark, we went to a piano bar and later saw this cool outdoor Halloween scene.


The next day, we did some more shopping and saw a "bed race". I thought for sure these folks would win but they didn't.

Bed racer

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

I had a nice time in Boston at this museum. There is a beautiful garden on the first floor and a lot of european art on the 2'nd and 3'rd floors. I went with my friend Clint. We had a really nice time and later, after seeing the museum, we had dinner in the North end of Boston where my son works at the Vinoteca di Monica

Garden photo